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2002 Outstanding Students of the Year

2002 Outstanding Students of the Year
The 12th Annual Outstanding Student of the Year Awards ceremony took place on January 13, 2003, during the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 82nd Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. For the past 11 years, DOT has honored the most outstanding student from each participating University Transportation Center for her/his achievements and promise for future contributions to the transportation field. Students of the Year are selected based on their accomplishments in such areas as technical merit and research, academic performance, professionalism, and leadership. Each student received a certificate presented by RSPA Administrator Ellen Engleman and FHWA Deputy Administrator J. Richard Capka, and $1,000 from the student's UTC. Traditionally, all awardees have been affiliated with the UTC program administered by RSPA, with funding from the FHWA and FTA. This year, in the spirit of "ONE DOT", the Department for the fifth time also honored an awardee from the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Centers of Excellence Program.

Pictured are student awardees from U.S. DOT's University Transportation Centers (UTC) program at the 12th Annual Outstanding Student of the Year Awards ceremony, January 13, 2003. With the students are: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Deputy Administrator J. Richard Capka (far left, standing), and Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA) Administrator Ellen Engleman (far right back row, standing).

  • Cheryl Allen-Munley, National Center for Transportation and Industrial Productivit, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Nathan Douglas Bowe, Nick J. Rahall II Appalachian Transportation Institute, Marshall University
  • Theresa Carr, Transportation Northwest , Portland State University (Region 10)
  • Kathleen Diaz Carrasquillo, University Transportation Research Center , University of Puerto Rico (Region 2)
  • Zachary Doerzaph, National ITS Implementation Research Center, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Jason Liam Dorn, Center for Transportation and the Environment, North Carolina State University
  • Pablo Durango-Cohen, University of California Transportation Center , University of California - Berkeley (Region 9)
  • Stephan Anthony Durham, Mack-Blackwell Rural Transportation Center, University of Arkansas
  • Dylan LeBarron Eagleton, University Transportation Center, South Carolina State University
  • Mary C. Frederick, Norman Y. Mineta International Institute for Surface Transportation Policy Studies, San Jose State University
  • Mayrai Gindy, Center for Advanced Infrastructure & Transportation, Rutgers University
  • Nathaniel J. Grier, New England University Transportation Center , Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Region 1)
  • Christian J. Jerome, Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation, University of Central Florida
  • Daniel Koenigsfeld, University Transportation Center on Advanced Materials and Non-Destructive Testing Technologies, University of Missouri-Rolla
  • JoNette L. Kuhnau, Mid-Atlantic Universities Transportation Center , The Pennsylvania State University (Region 3)
  • Robert F. K. Martin , Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute, University of Minnesota
  • Matthew R. Martino, Mountain-Plains Consortium , North Dakota State University (Region 8)
  • Pamela Murray, USouthwest Region University Transportation Center , University of Texas at Austin (Region 6)
  • Hellon Ogallo, National Center for Transportation Management, Research and Development, Morgan State University
  • Jennifer S. Perone, National Center for Transit Research, University of South Florida
  • Karen E. Philbrick, National Center for Intermodal Transportation, University of Denver
  • Danielle Reagor, Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University
  • Charles Robinson, University Transportation Center for Alabama, University of Alabama
  • Jennifer Roboski, Infrastructure Technology Institute, Northwestern University
  • Philip Rust, National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology, University of Idaho
  • David R. Parrish, Mississippi State University
  • Lamia Salah, FAA Centers of Excellence, Wichita State University
  • Gregory John Saur, Southeastern Transportation Center , North Carolina State University (Region 4)
  • Lawrence V. Snyder, Midwest Regional University Transportation Center , Northwestern University (Region 5)
  • Jacquelyn Candace Underwood, Transportation Institute, North Carolina A&T State University
  • David Veneziano, Midwestern Transportation Consortium , Iowa State University (Region 7)
  • Oran J. Viator, University of Rhode Island Transportation Center, University of Rhode Island
  • Merrill J. Weidner, National Center for Metropolitan Transportation Research (METRANS), University of Southern California at Los Angeles