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2004 Outstanding Students of the Year

2004 Outstanding Students of the Year
The 14th Annual Outstanding Student of the Year Awards ceremony took place on January 8, 2005, during the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 84th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. For 14 years, the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) has honored the most outstanding student from each participating University Transportation Center (UTC) for her/his achievements and promise for future contributions to the transportation field. Students of the Year are selected based on their accomplishments in such areas as technical merit and research, academic performance, professionalism, and leadership. Each student received a certificate from DOT and $1,000 from the student's UTC. Traditionally, all awardees have been affiliated with the UTC program administered by the Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA), with funding from the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration. For the seventh time, DOT also honored an awardee from the Federal Aviation Administration's Centers of Excellence Program.

Pictured are student awardees from U.S. DOT's University Transportation Centers (UTC) program at the 14th Annual Outstanding Student of the Year Awards ceremony, January 8, 2005. Pictured with the students are (l-r): Eric C. Peterson, Senior Assistant to the Administrator, Research and Special Programs Administration, USDOT; Jeffrey N. Shane, USDOT Under Secretary for Policy; and Mort Downey, former Deputy Secretary of USDOT, currently Chairman of the Board for PB Consult, Inc.

  • Andrew G. Beacher, University of Virginia, National ITS Implementation Research Center
  • Nathaniel Bird, University of Minnesota, Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute
  • Tanner Blackburn, Northwestern University,Infrastructure Technology Institute
  • Aaron Bradshaw, University of Rhode Island, University of Rhode Island Transportation Center
  • Steven D. Carter, University of Wyoming,Mountain Plains Consortium (Region 8)
  • Tivona Curtis, North Carolina A&T University,Transportation Institute
  • Joseph Davis, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, University Transportation Research Center (Region 2)
  • Nicholas Deal, San Jose State University, Norman Y. Mineta International Institute for Surface Transportation Policy Studies
  • Justin Dale Doornink, Iowa State University, Midwestern Transportation Consortium (Region 7)
  • Julia Foreman, University of Arkansas, Mack-Blackwell Rural Transportation Center
  • Tim J. Gates, University of Wisconsin, Midwest Regional University Transportation Center (Region 5)
  • Francis A. Gross, Pennsylvania State University, Mid-Atlantic Universities Transportation Center (Region 3)
  • Sara Hayden, University of Southern California, National Center for Metropolitan Transportation Research (METRANS)
  • Errin Jewel, Marshall University, Nick J. Rahall II Appalachian Transportation Institute
  • Joanne Keller, University of Central Florida, Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation
  • Stephen P. Lukachko, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, FAA Centers of Excellence
  • Ryan McDaniel, University of Missouri - Rolla, Center for Advanced and Non-Destructive Testing Technologies
  • Noreen McDonald, University of California - Berkeley, University of California Transportation Center (Region 9)
  • Yuri S. Mereszczak, University of Idaho, National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology
  • Keir Opie, New Jersey Institute of Technology, The National Center for Transportation and Industrial Productivity
  • Steven Peterson, Washington State University, Transportation Northwest (Region 10)
  • Zachary T. Piepmeyer, University of Texas - Austin, Southwest Region University Transportation Center (Region 6)
  • Melissa A. Salzler, University of South Florida, National Center for Transit Research
  • Bastian Jonathan Schroeder, North Carolina State University, Center for Transportation and the Environment
  • Kimberley Seager, University of Florida, Southeastern Transportation Center (Region 4)
  • Parisa Shokouhi, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Center for Advanced Infrastructure & Transportation
  • James Barrett Sorensen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New England University Transportation Center (Region 1)
  • Brandy Sularz, Montana State University,Western Transportation Institute
  • Crandall Gerard Watson, Morgan State University, National Center for Transportation Management, Research and Development
  • Antoine A. White, South Carolina State University, University Transportation Center
  • James Brett Wood, University of Alabama, University Transportation Center for Alabama